About Us

UpNet-WI was formed in 2016 by a couple in McFarland, WI to address the growing demand for high speed internet in underserved locations across south central Wisconsin. UpNet-WI’s footprint has grown dramatically since – covering towns from Rio to Cainville and Black Earth to Oconomowoc. As users demand faster and faster speeds, engineers and technicians at UpNet-WI have worked tirelessly to increase end user speeds, reduce latency, and minimize downtime.

The latest iteration of our efforts is UpNet-WI Fiber, UpNet-WI’s new fiber to the home division. Motivated by the same desire to go where large cable and fiber providers will not. UpNet-WI Fiber is dedicated to bringing the incredible speeds and low latency of fiber-optic internet to rural Wisconsin. Using the latest in gigabit passive optical networking (GPON) technology and our years of experience providing service in rural areas, we are working to deliver +100 Mbps speeds throughout our fixed wireless and fiber footprint.

Think your neighborhood should be next? Give us a call to let us know.